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We’re a GO for the pink ruffles… August 23, 2007

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27 weeks today. Doesn’t the time fly by? Apparently this week she’s sucking her thumb, starting to open her eyes, and even start dreaming.
And what to babies in utero dream about? I have NO IDEA. I mean, as far as I’m aware, the entire scope of her experiences ranges from thumb sucking to hiccups to somersaults to being knocked out by me drinking a glass of wine. I suppose she might have experienced my adrenaline rush of anxiety when we had turbulence on a flight recently, and maybe, just maybe, she can feel the cat purring on my tummy. Apart from that… who knows what fuels her dreams?

I had an unexpected 3D ultrasound today, just for fun. It came up suddenly, and didn’t cost anything (long story) so I thought I’d go for it! Unfortunately Johnny’s out of town, so he missed all the excitement. Of all the revelations, I am most pleased to confirm that she is indeed a girl! (Whew… it would be a real shame if I couldn’t use that adorable pink bathing suit for her next summer….) This time I got to see the ‘parts’ to make sure. I have pictures, but won’t post them just in case she ever sees this and feels modest. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send them to you. And secretly wonder if you’re a bit weird. 😉

The technology is astonishing. I could see and feel her kick at the same time, and watch her yawn, chew, stick out her tongue, and practice breathing. Just as I guessed, her head is on my right side, but she rolled from side-to-side a lot: sometimes facing out, sometimes facing my spine. That explains why all the pokes and punches are on the right.

Most amazing, it seemed to me that she’s got Johnny’s nose (lucky kid may have been spared my Freedman-Melson combo!) and those very distinctive Oshika lips. I couldn’t really tell what her eyes looked like, but between you and me, I’d love it if she looked just like her daddy.

Not much to see in the way of pics, but I’ll post them anyway.


3-D Face (Oshika nose, anyone?)

Foot (upside down, heel to the left)

I can’t really decide what’s more amazing: that I am building a whole person inside me; or that we have the technology to spy on her when she’s in there!
Either way, it was a good day.


The Kids August 21, 2007

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Don’t try to get between a man and his toys.

If I ever come back I hope to be reincarnated as a cat as spoiled as this one.


27 Weeks

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I am now nearly 27 weeks pregnant – only 13 to go! Baby is practicing her barrel rolls, and I’m visibly larger each day.

I just found this picture somewhere and thought I’d post it. As you can probably guess, is from some distant time in the past. Back when I had a waist.


Back From Summer Holidays! August 17, 2007

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Since we got back from our vacation, we’ve had a lot of people ask about our summer holiday. Sure, it wasn’t exotic Ecuador or Mauritius, but it’s always fun to get away from everyday life. And we figure this is the last 2-person vacation we’ll have for a while!

So here are a few shots from our recent adventure. We appreciate that other people’s vacation slideshows are never terribly interesting, so we’ve tried to make it brief! 🙂



Johnny the Adventurous August 16, 2007

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It’s never enough to ride that little bit further, or faster, or higher. Let’s take it to extremes.

Johnny recently had a new adventure on his bike: Float Plane Mountain Biking! He and four buddies rode the South Chilcotin mountain range, starting with a birds’ eye view. You can check out a 4-minute video of his adventures here:


Bizarre Pregnancy Experiences August 8, 2007

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There are things that I love and things I hate about this.

I love it when she kicks and bounces, but am not so fond of getting fatter in every single part of my body (goodbye watch, wedding rings, most of my shoes, and the majority of my maternity clothes…) I’m discouraged with each new clothing item I find I’ve grown out of; and I am becoming increasing frustrated being asked when my twins are due or told that I’m carrying big. I KNOW!!! You think I didn’t notice??
But there have been some experiences that have been just plain weird – or strangely inexplicable:
– My newfound inability to eat or drink without spilling all over myself.
– Getting ready for work this morning and discovering that my face was sweating for no reason whatsoever.
– The guy who came up to me in the laundromat in DC, put one hand on my belly and the other in the air, and started praying. In tongues.
– The lady in the casino who ran up to me and started singing to the ‘balloon in my belly’.
– When did I get those wings on the undersides of my arms and that extra chin?
– Finding myself out of breath after rolling over in bed.
– Bizarre emotions that hit hard and make NO sense at all.
– Discovering that I have no hope of touching my left little toe with my right hand, no matter how I contort myself.
– Panicking a little when I didn’t feel her move for three hours… until I remembered that I’d had a glass of wine with dinner and realized that I’d knocked her out!!
– Getting weird pigment spots all over. You know about my wacky belly line, but chloasma that looks like a moustache and brown giraffe spots on my arms and legs? And why oh WHY would I get freckles on my nipples???
But, to offset all this frustration, I have finally discovered something about us gals that offsets our inability to write our name in the snow. When I get up in the dark for a midnight pee, I can leave the lights off, sit down, and make it back to bed without ever really waking up. Those guys of ours really wake up in the night, because they have to turn the light on to see where they’re aiming! Johnny said that he’d trade snow writing for peeing in the dark anyday.