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We’re a GO for the pink ruffles… August 23, 2007

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27 weeks today. Doesn’t the time fly by? Apparently this week she’s sucking her thumb, starting to open her eyes, and even start dreaming.
And what to babies in utero dream about? I have NO IDEA. I mean, as far as I’m aware, the entire scope of her experiences ranges from thumb sucking to hiccups to somersaults to being knocked out by me drinking a glass of wine. I suppose she might have experienced my adrenaline rush of anxiety when we had turbulence on a flight recently, and maybe, just maybe, she can feel the cat purring on my tummy. Apart from that… who knows what fuels her dreams?

I had an unexpected 3D ultrasound today, just for fun. It came up suddenly, and didn’t cost anything (long story) so I thought I’d go for it! Unfortunately Johnny’s out of town, so he missed all the excitement. Of all the revelations, I am most pleased to confirm that she is indeed a girl! (Whew… it would be a real shame if I couldn’t use that adorable pink bathing suit for her next summer….) This time I got to see the ‘parts’ to make sure. I have pictures, but won’t post them just in case she ever sees this and feels modest. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send them to you. And secretly wonder if you’re a bit weird. 😉

The technology is astonishing. I could see and feel her kick at the same time, and watch her yawn, chew, stick out her tongue, and practice breathing. Just as I guessed, her head is on my right side, but she rolled from side-to-side a lot: sometimes facing out, sometimes facing my spine. That explains why all the pokes and punches are on the right.

Most amazing, it seemed to me that she’s got Johnny’s nose (lucky kid may have been spared my Freedman-Melson combo!) and those very distinctive Oshika lips. I couldn’t really tell what her eyes looked like, but between you and me, I’d love it if she looked just like her daddy.

Not much to see in the way of pics, but I’ll post them anyway.


3-D Face (Oshika nose, anyone?)

Foot (upside down, heel to the left)

I can’t really decide what’s more amazing: that I am building a whole person inside me; or that we have the technology to spy on her when she’s in there!
Either way, it was a good day.


One Response to “We’re a GO for the pink ruffles…”

  1. Cues Says:

    WOW! That’s amazing Ang!!!It’s incredible that you can see her before she’s born. She’s going to be gorgeous!Glad to know she’s 100% female… will be scouting the shops for some awesome European baby clothes 🙂Talk to you when I get back!Hugs,Sus

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