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House Painting September 28, 2007

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Well, the siding project is nearly done, and our house painter is doing a WONDERFUL job of making our house look a lot better than it used to. He’s got more coats to do, and we have a lot of tidying to do around the place, but I am SO thrilled with the improvement already! It’s the whiteness of the trim that makes such a big difference.
I wanted to pick a bold and vibrant colour, but Johnny pointed out that resale is a consideration, so we went with a tame colour called ‘burlap’ that would appeal more to potential buyers in the future. It appears similar to the previous colour in the pics, but in person it’s definitely darker, less ‘beige’. We also intend to have a strong coloured front door – perhaps a brick or terracotta red! Fun!

I’ve been getting some pressure to post pics, so here you go (the front only). I don’t think the finished product will be TOO much different than it is now. Just whiter whites and less garbage hangin’ around. Oh, and Johnny does intend to blast the moss off the roof before the winter.



As far as the pregnancy, well, baby is slithering around in there all the time. I describe it as like a snake in a jar; there is definite contact on all sides. Rather than kicking or punching, her new technique is to pick a spot and apply pressure. And more pressure. And more. And not let up. Often that’s endearing, but when she decides to push directly down, well, it’s a *tad* uncomfortable.

Apart from that, not much is new, but the family is all well.
(Except the sewing machine, which has a broken foot pedal. The experts at the sewing shop confirmed it, but the manufacturer is going to send me a new one. See?? It wasn’t just me and my inexperience – – there really WAS something wrong with it! But as you can see, my sewing projects are [temporarily] on hold.)


Leaps and Bounds September 23, 2007

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Ok, so I confess …. I rearranged the baby furniture again.
But wait! Before you start thinking I’m totally crazy (as my husband already does), take a look and tell me we’re not getting somewhere!

She won’t be a true Freedman without an extensive literary repertoire:

I think it’s a big improvement; starting to feel quite like a little home! Next on the menu: wall art and creating valences for the window and closet as well as a crib skirt.

I’ve also sorted all the piles of clothes that I’ve gotten (almost all of which are used!) and put bigger sizes away in storage boxes for later use. I know that you won’t believe that it’s ME saying this …. but I think we may actually have … gulp …. too many. At least for the first 3 months.

Shhhh! Don’t tell Johnny!


Why I Love My Family

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Does it need any more explanation than this?

After a while the cat became bored and left, and Johnny stretched out on the sofa, using my leg as a pillow. I watched ‘Die Hard 4’ on the computer while his daughter joyfully kicked him in the head.

It may not be a wild Saturday party out on the town, but it’s *our* idea of a gooooood night!


Baby Room Progress September 22, 2007

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I don’t know why, but late this afternoon I was struck by a sudden compulsion to work on the baby room. Baby is 2 months away (to the day!) but for some reason, I had to make the bed. I still have to wash the sheets and don’t own a mattress cover, but just the appearances make me feel better somehow.

So here’s how we’re looking these days. It’s about 85% done, I’d say. I need to clean and re-hang the blinds, and I plan to sew a few things (crib skirt, window valence etc). I’d also like to get a rug to warm the room up, put some decor on the walls, and put a plant in the corner. But without further ado, here’s how it’s looking these days:

My absolute favourite things are the tiny dresses:

Using the change table as a storage unit:

My cute green and purple elephant guy. He doesn’t match very well, actually, but I’ve become fond of him.

What does Johnny have to say about all of this? Not a whole lot, but there is the occasional eyeroll.

And finally, I am somewhat sheepish to announce that I have now committed the quintessential pregnant lady placenta-brain blunder: I went out today and made it to the car in the pouring rain before I realized I was still wearing my slippers.
It was bound to happen sometime, I guess.


Busy Oshika Bees September 17, 2007

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Well, there has been a lot of talk – on my part – about this silly sewing machine. It was a gift from my mom for Christmas 2 1/2 years ago, and I confess that there is some strange emotion wrapped up in that. But also, I really do want to learn how to use the thing, and I promised myself that I would do so before the baby comes.
So this morning Johnny fetched it out of the attic, and I went and bought thread, and… opened the box.

The unbroken seal:

Open at last!

At long last, we meet.

Well, it turns out that I could use it – in fact I even sewed a few admirably straight lines! But the connection between the machine and the foot pedal that controls the actual sewing part is spotty, and I need to get a new foot pedal. (I *could* have taken it back, but it’s been years and I think the warranty has well and fully expired. How’s that for shooting yourself in the foot pedal?)
More sewing updates to follow.

Not to be outdone, Johnny decided that despite the Vancouver rain, he was going to embark on a project that makes my sewing machine adventures look like child’s play. Why make a pillow when you can tear the house apart? So that’s exactly what he did. (Don’t blame it all on Johnny; his buddy Dalyn was in on it too.)

Some time ago, Johnny CONVINCED me that we needed a skilsaw. Let me tell you, that thing has been in its box almost as long as my sewing machine! But it saw some action today too:

The ladder collection:

Action shot of Dalyn putting up the tar paper:

They didn’t finish the project as they ran out of light, but made significant moves in that direction. Apparently the new siding will go up during the next phase of construction.
After that, the other end of the house needs some siding repairs, and then the paint guy will come to do his thing! Goodbye beige!

My oh my, if we’re not careful, WE might become those kinds of people I mentioned before who renovate their houses on the weekends for fun and hem their own pants!

On second thoughts… probably not.


The Good and the Bad September 14, 2007

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Well, it’s finally done! We finished up coats #2 and 2.5 of the green last night, plus Johnny did white touch ups. Turns out he has MUCH steadier hands than me. There goes my career as a surgeon.
Anyway, we are both thrilled that this project is done. I’ll pull up the tarps today, and on to furniture rearranging tomorrow! I’ll put up some pics soon.

You’ll want to see them, too, because no one will ever actually come to SEE our exciting new baby room. “What do you mean?”, you ask. “After all this hype?”

Well, you see, it turns out that our firstborn Leo takes his role as guard dog a little more seriously than we realized – – even if the invader turns out to be a harmless skunk. Oh, wait, did I say harmless? I can’t speak for the dangers of our invader (never saw the guy) but whatever he was, he wasn’t feeling very social.
Suffice to say, there was some temporary blindness, a bit of mouth-foaming, and an unexpected late-night bath involved. Oh, and Leo’s new nickname is ‘Stinky’.

I am now stuck with a conundrum: I know the dog smells, and will for some time. I’m pretty sure our bedroom smells, because that’s where the dog slept last night. But all that skunk smell has burned out my olfactory glands – – – and I can’t tell if *I* smell!!

If you happen to run across me, and I happen to smell like skunk, please do let me know.


Here Comes the Green September 13, 2007

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Paint update:
The second (and hopefully final) coat of purple is up, and the first coat of green went up yesterday evening. It’s actually going much faster than we expected, and with any luck I’ll be rearranging furniture by this weekend! (The nesting hormones are cheering again.)

In the meantime, here are a few action shots:

PS. I know it’s been 3 1/2 years, but between you and me, there is still nothing sexier than seeing that wedding ring on his hand!