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And so the ‘nesting’ begins… September 3, 2007

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As many husbands can attest, we pregnant ladies get hit by a flurry of hormones that make us act in all sorts of bizarre ways, or do peculiar things. Until recently, poor Johnny was unaware of one of the ‘symptoms’ of pregnancy: nesting. Apparently this is “a powerful urge to prepare [our] home for the baby by cleaning and decorating”. Well, I can assure you that I have never had a powerful urge to clean anything, but as of today, I think nesting has truly kicked in.

Last week we bought a dining table and chairs. Now, they’re not the fanciest ones, and we bought them used, and yes, they are even from Ikea. But the table is much larger and there are six chairs that are actually comfortable. This new set will definitely do the trick for the next few years, till we have the time, money, and inclination to upgrade. Unfortunately, the cushions on them were a vivid Ikea blue, so I decided that I was going to cover them.

Now. I know that some of you have handy husbands, who renovate your homes in their spare time using only wood glue and pipe cleaners. Or you make your own curtains, hem your own pants, and bake things on a regular basis. We are not that kind of people, as much as we admire – and envy – those who are. And many of you know that I DO own a sewing machine, which has never ever, not once, been outside of its box. So for me, chair covering was a BIG deal.

And you know what? It wasn’t that bad! There may have been about 400 wasted staples, mild profanity, and the occasional blister, but I mastered the staple gun and now we have lovely matching chairs! Check it out:

A couple other pics I took today. Leo, my handsome:

The pretty pink flowers that have bloomed in my front yard, despite my best efforts to neglect them to death. I don’t remember planting them, but I’m sure glad I did!

As for pregnancy, well, it continues. Starting to have some serious hip stiffness from sitting or lying down too long, and if I drop something I seriously reflect on how much I reeeeaaaaally need it, or if it might stay down there for a little while. The early morning insomnia is taking its toll, too: poor Johnny took me to the PNE yesterday and watched me while I napped on the grass… for an hour and a half!

But we’re in good spirits, and baby is dancing around in there like crazy, and that’s what’s important. I’ll get Johnny to dig out his super ultra wide-angle lens and take some pictures in the next couple days. Just kidding. But I WILL get something posted soon, I promise.

PS. Regarding the sewing machine, I have told myself that I WILL learn how to use it and actually sew something before the baby comes. I have the best of intentions.
But I’ll have to get Johnny to dig it out of the attic, because I’m too big to get up there anymore.


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