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Painting the Baby Room is Underway at Last! September 11, 2007

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We’ve painted lots of rooms in this house since we’ve owned it; some of them a few times. And EVERY TIME I say “That’s it. I’m never painting again!” But strangely, when it comes to the baby room and the so-called nesting hormones, somehow my dedicated resentment of painting has completely vanished.
Soon the vivid yellow room that has been dedicated solely to Johnny’s clothes and our collection of laundry baskets will be a mellow blue and green. The nesting hormones are giving a standing ovation!!

Just to get you started, here’s a couple ‘before’ pics. You can see the crib, filled with baby stuff, in the middle. We’ve just covered it with a tarp and are painting around it.

We’ll keep you posted!


One Response to “Painting the Baby Room is Underway at Last!”

  1. Cues Says:

    Hey Ang,Good luck painting the nursery 🙂 I’m sure it will look fantastic when you’re done!!Sus

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