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The Good and the Bad September 14, 2007

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Well, it’s finally done! We finished up coats #2 and 2.5 of the green last night, plus Johnny did white touch ups. Turns out he has MUCH steadier hands than me. There goes my career as a surgeon.
Anyway, we are both thrilled that this project is done. I’ll pull up the tarps today, and on to furniture rearranging tomorrow! I’ll put up some pics soon.

You’ll want to see them, too, because no one will ever actually come to SEE our exciting new baby room. “What do you mean?”, you ask. “After all this hype?”

Well, you see, it turns out that our firstborn Leo takes his role as guard dog a little more seriously than we realized – – even if the invader turns out to be a harmless skunk. Oh, wait, did I say harmless? I can’t speak for the dangers of our invader (never saw the guy) but whatever he was, he wasn’t feeling very social.
Suffice to say, there was some temporary blindness, a bit of mouth-foaming, and an unexpected late-night bath involved. Oh, and Leo’s new nickname is ‘Stinky’.

I am now stuck with a conundrum: I know the dog smells, and will for some time. I’m pretty sure our bedroom smells, because that’s where the dog slept last night. But all that skunk smell has burned out my olfactory glands – – – and I can’t tell if *I* smell!!

If you happen to run across me, and I happen to smell like skunk, please do let me know.


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