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Busy Oshika Bees September 17, 2007

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Well, there has been a lot of talk – on my part – about this silly sewing machine. It was a gift from my mom for Christmas 2 1/2 years ago, and I confess that there is some strange emotion wrapped up in that. But also, I really do want to learn how to use the thing, and I promised myself that I would do so before the baby comes.
So this morning Johnny fetched it out of the attic, and I went and bought thread, and… opened the box.

The unbroken seal:

Open at last!

At long last, we meet.

Well, it turns out that I could use it – in fact I even sewed a few admirably straight lines! But the connection between the machine and the foot pedal that controls the actual sewing part is spotty, and I need to get a new foot pedal. (I *could* have taken it back, but it’s been years and I think the warranty has well and fully expired. How’s that for shooting yourself in the foot pedal?)
More sewing updates to follow.

Not to be outdone, Johnny decided that despite the Vancouver rain, he was going to embark on a project that makes my sewing machine adventures look like child’s play. Why make a pillow when you can tear the house apart? So that’s exactly what he did. (Don’t blame it all on Johnny; his buddy Dalyn was in on it too.)

Some time ago, Johnny CONVINCED me that we needed a skilsaw. Let me tell you, that thing has been in its box almost as long as my sewing machine! But it saw some action today too:

The ladder collection:

Action shot of Dalyn putting up the tar paper:

They didn’t finish the project as they ran out of light, but made significant moves in that direction. Apparently the new siding will go up during the next phase of construction.
After that, the other end of the house needs some siding repairs, and then the paint guy will come to do his thing! Goodbye beige!

My oh my, if we’re not careful, WE might become those kinds of people I mentioned before who renovate their houses on the weekends for fun and hem their own pants!

On second thoughts… probably not.


One Response to “Busy Oshika Bees”

  1. Stephenie Says:

    Hey Ang,Love all your posts! I have a great thing for you to sew (or prob two or three is best, according to my midwife). And easy!A heating bag that you can fill with rice (or beans or whatever) that you can nuke/freeze and put on your body during labour. Or helps ease various breastfeeding aches and pains.If I had any talent in that area I would make two or three of different shapes and sizes! I just bought one and it feels really nice on lower back (and more malleable than a water bottle).Good luck! Steph

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