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Baby Room Progress September 22, 2007

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I don’t know why, but late this afternoon I was struck by a sudden compulsion to work on the baby room. Baby is 2 months away (to the day!) but for some reason, I had to make the bed. I still have to wash the sheets and don’t own a mattress cover, but just the appearances make me feel better somehow.

So here’s how we’re looking these days. It’s about 85% done, I’d say. I need to clean and re-hang the blinds, and I plan to sew a few things (crib skirt, window valence etc). I’d also like to get a rug to warm the room up, put some decor on the walls, and put a plant in the corner. But without further ado, here’s how it’s looking these days:

My absolute favourite things are the tiny dresses:

Using the change table as a storage unit:

My cute green and purple elephant guy. He doesn’t match very well, actually, but I’ve become fond of him.

What does Johnny have to say about all of this? Not a whole lot, but there is the occasional eyeroll.

And finally, I am somewhat sheepish to announce that I have now committed the quintessential pregnant lady placenta-brain blunder: I went out today and made it to the car in the pouring rain before I realized I was still wearing my slippers.
It was bound to happen sometime, I guess.


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