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House Painting September 28, 2007

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Well, the siding project is nearly done, and our house painter is doing a WONDERFUL job of making our house look a lot better than it used to. He’s got more coats to do, and we have a lot of tidying to do around the place, but I am SO thrilled with the improvement already! It’s the whiteness of the trim that makes such a big difference.
I wanted to pick a bold and vibrant colour, but Johnny pointed out that resale is a consideration, so we went with a tame colour called ‘burlap’ that would appeal more to potential buyers in the future. It appears similar to the previous colour in the pics, but in person it’s definitely darker, less ‘beige’. We also intend to have a strong coloured front door – perhaps a brick or terracotta red! Fun!

I’ve been getting some pressure to post pics, so here you go (the front only). I don’t think the finished product will be TOO much different than it is now. Just whiter whites and less garbage hangin’ around. Oh, and Johnny does intend to blast the moss off the roof before the winter.



As far as the pregnancy, well, baby is slithering around in there all the time. I describe it as like a snake in a jar; there is definite contact on all sides. Rather than kicking or punching, her new technique is to pick a spot and apply pressure. And more pressure. And more. And not let up. Often that’s endearing, but when she decides to push directly down, well, it’s a *tad* uncomfortable.

Apart from that, not much is new, but the family is all well.
(Except the sewing machine, which has a broken foot pedal. The experts at the sewing shop confirmed it, but the manufacturer is going to send me a new one. See?? It wasn’t just me and my inexperience – – there really WAS something wrong with it! But as you can see, my sewing projects are [temporarily] on hold.)


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