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Showered! October 8, 2007

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Yesterday my beloved friends put on an amazing baby shower to welcome baby, shower us with gifts, and make me feel a little better about my recent ‘expansion’! Alexa, Kerri, and her mom Linda (who travelled out from Alberta!) went over and above to come up with food, activities, decorations, and make the whole day special.

These are the times when you appreciate how lucky you are, you know? I am still aglow.
Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the event, brought gifts, and made me feel so loved.

Here are a few pics to share the experience:

Cake and decor (nothing could be more appropriate than the umbrella theme; it was raining cats and dogs!)

Everyone painted a onesie, so baby will have personalized outfits made with love!

The living room done up with decor and presents!

Alexa feeling baby’s hiccups:

Thank you to Alexa and Kerri, who made it all happen.

My little sister ‘J’, who came out from Edmonton:

I’m starting to feel tired and heavy from carrying all this extra weight around. My body is starting to complain – and so was I when I saw the pictures of myself at the shower! You don’t really have a true sense of what you look like until you see photos.
My midwife says “I don’t think you have the smallest baby in the world in there”. Uh oh… I was hoping Asian husband = small baby. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what we get; only another month and a bit to go!


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