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Halloween Post Script November 1, 2007

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So our dog, Mr. Fearless protector, turns out to be afraid of fireworks. He puts on this big show when the kids come to the door for candy, with the barking and hackles and everything, but a few sparklies and loud noises outside, and he’s hiding under the computer desk.

Of course, with the computer comes wires, and when you add a freaked out dog to the equation you get panic – – -and in our case, a mouse cord that is literally snapped in two. Competely unrepairable.

It’s 9:20. Johnny and I look at each other.
I say, “London Drugs is open till 10”.
“Shall we?” says he.
And off we go.

The horror of imagining a whole evening without use of the computer!

So now we have a fancy new mouse AND keyboard.

Leo’s going to sleep well tonight….


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