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Happy Halloween! November 1, 2007

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It’s been ages since I posted; I feel terrible for neglecting this for so long.

The painting of the exterior of the house is done, and it’s a big improvement. The colour is very similar to before, but we think it will be better for resale than the bright and bold colours I’d prefer. Also in the realm of ongoing home repairs, we’ve decided to gut the shower and have it entirely re-tiled. The timing is bad, I know, but there is black mold coming through our grout. This has been an ongoing issue for a while, and we would like to have it entirely done before baby comes. We will have all the tile and backerboard removed, the mold and leak issues addressed, and then the whole thing reassembled. It’ll probably look pretty similar, but without the ugly moldy bits.

This past weekend we had our prenatal class; it was wonderful. Not only did we learn a lot, but I think we’re both getting more excited about the big changes ahead. Johnny learned that there is a very important place for him during the labour and delivery proceedings, and also that he is a better swaddler than me. He got the diaper and the swaddle perfect the first time, but I needed extra direction for the swaddling!

Bruce the Moose took the fall and was our diapering/swaddling victim:

As of today, we’re 37 weeks and thus full term. Our due date isn’t for another three weeks, but apparently this is the beginning of the 5-week window. I REALLY ought to go and pack that hospital bag.

As a baby gift, Ayako and Shu bought us the car seat and stroller. One of the few absolute must haves is the car seat, as they won’t let you leave the hospital without it. This is all becoming so real!

And forget what I said before about being huge. That was just practice; now I am really and TRULY huge! It’s becoming difficult to roll over in bed or put on pants, not to mention fitting into booths at restaurants or getting out of the bathtub. Baby is still kicking around in there, and you can really see her moving. She’s recently discovered my rib cage, and likes to use it as a stage for her tap dancing.
I am DEFINITELY ready to get this show on the road. Next week will be my last week of work. I thought I’d be able to get so much done once I was off work, but I just feel so tired now, even something small seems like it requires great effort. I think I will be staying close to home in the coming days.


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