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NOT a Minivan. November 3, 2007

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Well, we thought about it a lot, and decided that what with our ballooning family, it might be time to reassess our transportation options. My red sedan has been tireless and faithful, poor old guy, but it can’t address the fact that baby and Leo will soon be sharing the back seat. And I bet it’s not Leo who’s going to get stomped on.

So, it was time for a bigger car. Despite the logic of it all, I couldn’t bring myself to ‘settle’ into a minivan, so we picked something a tad ‘hipper’ – at least in my estimation! We think the Subaru Outback is a good match for our family, with all-wheel drive, a good size dog area, the ability to haul Johnny up to his bike trails and campsites, but yet heated seats for me!! (I’m not interested in leather, navigation systems, moonroofs, etc – – my idea of the epitome of luxury is heated seats.)

And, what with the Canadian dollar being so strong, and US car prices being SO much better than up here, we decided to hop over the border to pick up a brand-new 2008 Outback! This is a car we couldn’t have bought in Canada, as the price is prohibitive here. We figure we saved about $10K – but it has taken a lot of homework and research, and there are definitely more steps and paperwork involved.

Just a note about how my husband has been acting irrationally lately: I suggested we get a used one to save some $$, but JOHNNY pushed for the brand new 2008. And, I thought we’d get the base model, but JOHNNY suggested we go one step up, for the bigger wheels and heated seats. Bizarre!!

For anyone who wants specifics, the models are slightly different in the US and Canada, but the version we got is pretty well equal to the 2.5i Touring Edition up here, minus the moonroof. Just imagine power everything. As for warranty, yes, it’s covered. If you want more details about how we did it, just email me and I’ll be glad to outline the process.

So yesterday Ayako and I drove down to Bellingham and picked it up! HOORAY!! Unfortunately the Border office is closed on the weekends, but Johnny works during the weekdays of course, so he couldn’t join us. I would have taken the bus down, but there was some concern just in case I went into labour!

Me with the salesguy Joseph:

Getting in for the very first time:

Don’t you think it suits our driveway?

He just hopped up and settled right in!

We haven’t put the car seat in quite yet, because we want to get the car registered and insured before we do the installation.

I’m 37.5 weeks at this point, and could – theoretically – go at any time. But the midwife says there are NO signs of impending labour, and to settle in for the long haul. Damn! Every day I ask Johnny if he thinks I’ve ‘dropped’, but it seems that baby is going aiming for one time or even late, as most first babies are.


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