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Johnny’s Version of ‘Nesting’ November 4, 2007

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We started to suspect something was awry several months ago, when a fine crack appeared in the grout of our shower wall. After a few consultations with the professionals and various repair attempts, we started to see the dreaded black mold.

Better now then never, so we agreed it was time to tear out the shower. Hey, I’m only 9 months pregnant, and we have only one bathroom in the house. It adds drama to the situation, don’t you think?


The black mold. Hey, we’re not doing this because of the aesthetics, folks.

Johnny in action. With a sledgehammer.

Demolition man. Check out the facial expression!

BUCKETS of tile and drywall…

Proud of his accomplishment!

The reconstruction begins on Monday.
No, we’re not doing it ourselves. We agreed that for things like plumbing, mold, and waterproofing, it made sense to bring in the professionals.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress! In the meantime, have pity on us if we drop by and want to take a quick shower….


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