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Have You Dropped Yet? November 8, 2007

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That’s the question I get all the time these days. We’re 38 weeks today, 2 more to go, baby is a shade under 7 lbs, and I’m ready to get this show on the road! So, let’s check the impending signs that baby may be ready to come out:

1. Increase in Nesting Instinct.
NO. As indicated by the stacks of dog hair and fine sheen of drywall dust all over the place, clearly I have no urge to clean.

2. Increasing ‘Practice’ Contractions
NO. If anything, they’ve decreased.

3. ‘Lightening’, or When the Baby Drops
NO. That’s when the baby’s head is supposed to fall into my pelvic bones in anticipation of going all the way through. And so far, she’s just as tight up against my lungs as she’s ever been. In fact, if she ever does drop, I’m sure she’ll miss using my ribs as a stage for her tap dancing routines.

4. Water Breaking
NO. Unless I missed it – which by all accounts, it’s pretty obvious.

5. Opening Cervix
NO. At least none that anyone’s told me about.

6. ‘Bloody Show’
Without going into the gory details, suffice to say: NO.

7. Backache and Cramps.
NO and NO.

8. More Bathroom Breaks.
NO. One midnight pee keeps me going through the night.

Soooooooooo……. looks like we are NOT going to be having any action anytime soon. Argh.

Based on the above information, let’s hear your predictions for the baby pool!
(And please, take some pity on me, and at least predict that I’m going to have this kid outta here by 2008!)


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