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Shower Reno Complete! November 12, 2007

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Well, *some* of you were a little skeptical when we demo’d our shower last Sunday, wondering why we would do such a thing so close to baby’s arrival. We figured better now than when she was out, and I think we were right – she voiced her complaints about all the smashing with shots to my kidneys, but if we’d waited till she has air in her lungs I’m sure our experience would have be far worse!
Our tile guys worked fast, and were actually done by Thursday! (My giantness may have motivated them somewhat.) They really did a great job, and now the entire area is completely waterproofed: the walls, the plumbing, the window, the insulation, and the exterior wall.

So without further ado: The Shower.



A closer look at the rock accent:

It is very similar to before, but we did take the opportunity to bring in some of the slate that we have elsewhere in the house, albeit a different colour. We’re quite pleased with the final result – – – and even more pleased that we’ll be able to shower without the black mold from now on!


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