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Droppin’ November 16, 2007

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Well, I have some slight sense of ‘dropping’. I don’t think I really look all that much different, but I feel like I’m carrying different: there is more pressure on my lower belly (down by the stretch marks) and hips.
Also, I feel that breathing is somewhat easier, and when I visited my friend Steph today I was able to make it up the 2 flights of stairs to her place in less than 15 minutes, which lately is a substantial accomplishment.

Now, what does this mean, you ask? Well, not a whole lot, actually. It doesn’t help us know when the baby will come, or make plans, or if I’m suddenly going to explode amniotic fluid all over your carpet. It seems you can ‘drop’ up to SIX WEEKS before delivering, and some moms don’t drop until they actually go into labour.

So…….. what’s all the fuss about? You got me. But when you’re starting to get a little antsy to get the show on the road, ANY sign that progress is happening is more than welcome. And it’s nice to be able to breathe again.

Our ‘official’ due date is next Wednesday (the 21st) but they’ll let you go up to two weeks or so overdue before inducing, depending on how the baby is doing. (After a while the placenta gets a little worn out, so baby starts to get less nutrition etc.) My midwife has already scheduled weekly appts for next Friday AND the Friday after that. Is that a sign that I should prepare for a very very late delivery? Ayya!


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