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The New O November 20, 2007

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We are writing with delight to tell you about the newest arrival to our family, Aili Patricia Oshika.
Aili (pronounced Eye-Lee) was born yesterday, Sunday November 18th at 7:39am at Royal Columbian Hospital – three days early!

My water broke at about 6:30 on Saturday evening, and I started experiencing mild contractions around 9pm. By midnight Johnny thought I was on death’s door, but when our midwife checked I was only 1cm dilated! They don’t call it ‘labour’ for nothing. By 5:30, however, I had zipped right up to 7-8cm and we hurried off to the hospital. (*Note for those who care: No, I did not mess up the upholstery in the new car.)

Unfortunately for me, we hadn’t realized how fast labour was progressing and by the time we got to the hospital it was too late for any helpful pain-relieving drugs. Suffice to say, it was an experience I don’t hope to experience again anytime soon.

After only 40 minutes of pushing, Aili joined us! She was 8 lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long. She has lots of black hair – in fact, she’s a bit furry all over – Johnny’s nose, a birthmark on her chest, and dark eyes with long eyelashes. We can’t tell quite yet if they’re going to be Asian eyes, but regardless, we agree that she’s the cutest person we’ve ever seen.

I sustained some mild damage from the delivery, but seem to be bouncing back ok. We are still figuring out the sleeping and breastfeeding issues, and are pretty exhausted. We expect there to be some long days and nights ahead, but at least Johnny has taken some time off work so we can support each other through it all.

Thank you to all our friends and family for having been so supportive of us over the past months, and for your continuing patience and support as we lunge into this new adventure called parenthood.

Slimy and one minute old:

On the examining table:

Proud and tired mom:

Proud papa:

First family pic:

Eyes open:

Proud grandma!

Going home:


4 Responses to “The New O”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful Girl! Love the name and am glad you are looking well. Congratulations to you bothJenn F

  2. Anonymous Says:

    純様、アンジー様愛里ちゃん、お誕生おめでとうございます。とてもかわいい赤ちゃんですね。I don’t know I can use Japanese in this comment. So I’ve just tried……We, Yoko & I, are really glad to see your new born baby Aili.yuri ito from akashi

  3. Stephenie Says:

    She is such a beautiful little darling! As you expected, a pretty straightforward labour, at least that is how it sounds. I’m so relieved! Isn’t it surreal??? 🙂Thank you so much for posting and keeping us (all) in the loop, this is such an exciting time.If you need any help or advice for the first week, pls don’t hesitate to call (NOT that I will have much to offer than an empathetic ear). It does get easier! Really. Won’t call you too soon, but please do call/email me when things start to settle.

  4. muso Says:

    Yuri-san,Fancy, seeing you on OshikaGang Blog.As some people know by now, the last sylable of Aili is taken from your “ri” part (里;Old Country Home).Thank you for your visit.muso

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