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The Gang Reunited November 26, 2007

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After a week away at Camp Fun with Ojichan Shu, Leo came home yesterday. So far he has noticed that there is a different smell in the house, especially near the baby’s laundry basket, but has not put two and two together that there is a whole other person here. Mostly he just wonders why I don’t want to play with his toy cat.
A lot of people have asked how our furry kids are reacting to the new addition. We’ve been surprised that the cat has been far more upset by the transition than the dog. It doesn’t surprise me that Leo isn’t interested in anyone who can’t play tug-of-war, but it does surprise me that Blu has been so miffed. She’s slowly coming around, however, and I’m sure we’ll find a new equilibrium soon.

As for our Oshika gang, well, we’ve figured out who the heavyweight is, and it’s not Johnny.
Aili has gained more than a pound in the last week (half of which in the past few days!), and is now weighing in at 8 1/2 lbs and going strong! That’s up 1 1/4 lb from her low point last Wednesday! She has her daddy’s appetite, and can really eat up a storm. Blessedly, like any of us, a full tummy makes her sleep long and deeply, so we can go 4 – 5 hours in a stretch after she has a real feeding frenzy. Ironically, Johnny has been getting MORE sleep than he usually does because he doesn’t have to get up so early to commute! I can’t say the same, but am still able to get 6-8 hours with a few breaks in between. Even though the sleep is in pieces rather than all at once, we’re feeling pretty good.

We have been able to keep eating (thank you Ayako and our darling neighbours Pat and Cathy!), battle the dog hair (helps when there’s no dog in the house) and even run a few loads of laundry. Johnny is amazed by how much laundry such a teeny person can produce.

Yesterday we had a family shopping trip to the Bay so I could get nursing bras. Well, so far the morning sickness, bloating, stretch marks, giant belly, moaning and complaining, labour, screaming, delivery, torrent of blood, flabby belly, and milk leakage haven’t made Johnny wince, but I’m pretty sure the sheer ugliness of nursing bras is sure to cinch it. Good thing he’s so able to look past all the nasty stuff.
That man LOVES his kid.

In fact, he’s taken her out for a walk just now.

You remember the practice run:

Well, here’s the real thing:

I am also delighted to report that I seem to be deflating rapidly (although I’m sure that I’ll stop at some point, and sooner rather than I’d prefer). Not only can I do up my winter jacket, but I can no longer hold up my 9-months maternity jeans and have downgraded to the 5-6 months pair. I have hope again that I will someday fit into my shoes, have only one chin (although that time is still far far away), and *fingers crossed* fit into my wedding rings soon.
For those who are interested, the post-pregnancy belly is quite nasty. It’s saggy, feels like bread dough that has risen but not yet been baked, and the stretch marks are here to stay. Once again, it’s a good thing I picked a husband who isn’t superficial and looks at me with loving eyes regardless of all the horrors.




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