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A Scary Night December 7, 2007

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Last night was very trying for us all. We’ve all come through it ok, but it went a little something like this:

Feed baby. Stand up. Uh oh, strange feeling. Rush to bathroom. Huge blood clots. Streaming blood. A lake on the floor. A panicked call to the midwife. Rush to get dressed. Rush to dress the baby. Rush to throw things into the diaper bag. I can still feel it streaming. Towels on the upholstery of the new car. Screaming, cold, scared, hungry baby. Rush to emergency. Woozy. No one at emergency moves very fast. My pants are soaked through. Waiting and waiting in a wheelchair. Midwife joins us, if only for support. Blood tests. Lost 10 hemoglobin points since yesterday. Getting pale. Examination by the resident. Bleeding is slowing. Waiting. Waiting. Struggle to put in an IV, stabbing at the backs of my hands. Painful IV in the crook of my elbow. Johnny sleeping in contorted positions on a chair. Baby sleeping like an angel beside me. Dozing. waking up too full, milk pouring everywhere. Screaming hungry baby. Freezing cold, shaking. Can’t nurse because I can’t bend my arm; who puts an IV in the elbow of a nursing mother anyway? Nurse gently but stubbornly refuses to remove the IV. Johnny holding the baby so she can eat. Obstetrician examines me. Bleeding has slowed. Released. We are all exhausted.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for an ultrasound to make sure all of the placenta came out; if they find any residual pieces I will be scheduled for a D&C, a quick procedure that still requires general anesthetic – and maybe a hospital stay? No one wants that.

In the meantime, it’s a quiet day around here. I’ve actually napped myself out and even the baby is being unusually mellow. My job is to hang out and reconstruct a bunch of red blood cells. Johnny is leaping tall buildings to take care of me.


One Response to “A Scary Night”

  1. Angela Says:

    oh my… how scary! Take care… I am sending good vibes.

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