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Baby Activities December 8, 2007

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Well, there’s not a lot that happens in the life of a baby.

Let’s see:
– eat
– sleep
– poop
– spit up, preferably with a parent as a target
– try to expel gas
– stare at the ceiling
– stare at the lamp
– stare at the window
– suck on your hand
– puke through your nose

We’ve added a couple new activities to the repertoire:
– bouncy chair
– tummy time

Aili loved her bouncy chair! We hadn’t gotten around to putting a battery in it (it has a vibrate feature), but once we did…. she was like a puddle of happy baby. It looked like all her bones had been melted away, and she was all floppy with delirium.

You know, it must really suck not to have neck muscles:

Head up – success at last!

Yes, I look like Obi Wan Kenobi.

As for our little hemorrhage scare the other night, I seem to be ok. We had an ultrasound earlier today and apparently there is some leftover ’tissue’ in my uterus. It *should* come out on its own, but if it doesn’t, sometime down the line we may have to force the issue with a D&C. In the meantime, I will work on healing.


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