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Meeting at Last December 20, 2007

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Cool Aunt J flew in from Edmonton this morning, and Aili got to meet her for the first time. They’d both been looking forward to it for over a month!

First we had our first ever restaurant experience (thank you to the nice ladies at IHOP who were so nice to us!). Aili was great, and we had no issues with volume or nasty blow-ups. (Although there may have been a small amount of puke on the table, but nothing we couldn’t handle with a few napkins…..)

The best part of the day – so far – was the first hug. I think J’s maternal instinct has now been activated.

The first hug:

It’s what she does. She sleeps on her favourite relatives.

The past weeks have been, in our world, all about the baby. We’ve made superficial attempts to make the place seem a bit more like Christmas, but really, it’s all about Aili.
Now that J is here – and my dad is due to arrive this evening – it’s starting to feel like our family is together again, and Christmas wishes are being answered.

Now it’s naptime for one and all.


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