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Merry Christmas at the O’s December 25, 2007

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Well, it’s the big day – Aili’s first Christmas! – and as an added bonus it’s actually snowing outside. How festive! Johnny’s mom will be coming by later this afternoon for the big dinner (Thank you, Safeway) and we’re looking forward to our first ever Christmas all together as a family.

In the past few days our guests have spent a lot of time hugging and cuddling Aili, and it’s been great to see them bond with her. It’s also great when J holds and feeds her, because then I can get some things done around the house!

The other big news is that Aili has begun smiling in the past three days or so. Now, a lot of people chalk this up to gas, and I’m the first to admit that the kid has a whole lotta gas. I have been pretty careful not to get too excited about the cute little gas-induced smiles that we’ve seen in the past weeks. But in the past few days, the smiles we’ve seen have been: (1) observed at a time when she does not appear to be suffering from gas pains; (2) in response to a direct stimulus (ie. being bounced, playing with her arms, or J cooing to her); and (3) repeatable when we apply the same stimulus. So even you scientist-types out there must concede that these are REAL smiles, not the gas-induced ones (which are still pretty darn cute).

And although I assure you that this is true, I still have no pictures to show of it. Soon, I promise. Soon.

In the meantime, let us all wish you a very Merry Christmas and every happiness as you gather with your families today. Recently we’ve been reminded that the tree is nice and the presents are nice and even the falling snow is nice, but the most important thing of all is being together with your family on this special day.

Auntie J is a natural. We are excited for someday when Aili has cousins! (We have been assured this is some time far, far in the future.)

Note the suspicious look: “Are you trying to poison me, lady?”

I love cuddling with Auntie J!

Grandpa Joe hasn’t lost the magic touch!

Babies make naptime look SOOOO delicious.

A few cuddles with Daddy before the bath:


Naked time!

Tummy time!

Snack time! (And so the cycle goes on….)

It’s amazing that Aili was waaay too small for this housecoat just a couple weeks ago.

Soft as a baby’s…


One Response to “Merry Christmas at the O’s”

  1. Angela Says:

    So delightfully chubby!!!

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