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The Best Christmas Present Ever December 28, 2007

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Our Christmas was very quiet around here, but lovely just the same. This is the first year we’ve hosted, the first year the Freedman and Oshika families have been together for the event, and the first time that we aren’t the youngest generation.

The big dinner was nice – Safeway cooks a remarkably good turkey – – and of course we had some sushi too, for some Japanese flavour. There was some gift-giving, but this year it was quiet and substantially reduced from previous Christmases. And you know what? I didn’t miss it a bit.

As promised in earlier posts, I owe you some pictures of the best Christmas present we got. So without further ado:


She’s also becoming so much more interactive, looking around, meeting your eyes, putting things into her mouth, and tracking people as they move. It’s astonishing how much change can happen in such a short time.

Aili’s all-milk diet sure is working. We agree that she is fatter every day. In fact, there have been references to Jabba the Hutt recently! She is getting very chubby cheeks, and I must confess that she has a double chin – – even when she’s looking up!
As you can see, though, being a chub doesn’t bother her one bit:

You can’t really see the Christmas bib, but I promise it was very festive. And YES, I know it totally clashes with her pink outfit.

See? It’s genetic. I smile big when I get new books too. Must be a Freedman thing.

She may have to grow up just a little….

My dad has such a way with Aili. She loved cuddling with him, and cooing to him. He danced around the house and sang songs to her, which was totally heartwarming. It may be 30 years since he had to calm teeny babies, but he hasn’t lost the touch.

Dad caught a plan back to Phoenix early this morning. Now we have only a couple more days with J, and then the New Year will bring a new lifestyle and routine for me… I’m going to miss them both a lot.


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