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A New Neighbour January 11, 2008

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Our darling neighbours Pat and Cathy welcomed their second daughter on Monday, and Aili and I went to meet her for the first time this morning. I still think of Aili as a baby, but was stunned when I saw just how tiny a newborn is! How quickly we forget!

Anyway, welcome Baby Zoey!

Annabelle is getting good at being a big sister:

The three girls.

Comparing notes about labour…. sounds like it’s much better the second time round! (Gives me hope…)

This is a TERRIBLE picture of me, but I included it so you can see HOW much bigger Aili is than a newborn!

Proud papa.


One Response to “A New Neighbour”

  1. Sus Says:

    Ooh, that sling looks divine! Definitely looks better than the Peanut Shell does, way more comfortable (and made in Vancouver!)So good to see you yesterday 🙂Susie

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