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Getting to Know You January 12, 2008

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I’m starting to feel more comfortable about this mom thing. Today my little buddy and I went for coffee with some other moms and babies, to Costco, the dog park, AND to Safeway! In the midst of all this there was a diaper change, a few tears, and breastfeeding in a parking lot, and yet we made it through with very little stress. You don’t think about how complicated it is to pick up some grapefruit at Safeway till you try to negotiate a car seat, diaper bag, grocery basket, and baby. I’m discovering that I have to get a LOT stronger, fast! This kid is getting HEAVY!!!

Cereal: $6 (on sale)
Milk: $3.50
Muffin: Priceless

Here comes the smile!

Planning her strategy. She’s just DYING to touch that bug.

Muddy dog. I’ve been asked if he ever sleeps. Here’s proof. (And also a very good explanation as to why the house is as dirty as it is!)


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