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Odds N Ends January 14, 2008

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Not much terribly exciting has happened lately. In the past two days Aili has refused to nap all afternoon and gotten herself really overtired. Of course this affects everything: she’s fussy, sleeping is all messed up, and the pattern of night feedings has changed too. It’s a bit frustrating that everything we *thought* we knew is different, but then again, I’d been warned that as soon as you think you’ve got things figured out, everything changes….

I finally dug all the stuff out of the crib (it was being used as a storage location) so Aili could nap in it:

It lasted for seven whole minutes before she woke herself up (DAMN GAS), discovered she was alone, and went crazy. I couldn’t console her for half an hour. How are we EVER going to get this kid out of our bed???

In the meantime, I did get a chuckle out of how she napped. Johnny sleeps in funny positions too, and I have in fact observed him sleeping with his arm sticking up in the air.

Auntie Marlene and Uncle Ian came by to visit. Aili liked Ian right away and did her best to flirt with him. She also really liked Marlene, even though she was fussy. (Aili, that is – not Marlene.)

Daddy’s in charge of the bath!

And after the bath, it’s cuddle time…

Cutest muffin in town…

Wake up in the morning and unswaddle to reveal: THE ESCAPE ARTIST.
She even looks guilty!

But how can you be mad when she gives you this face???

Developmental milestone caught in action: rolling onto her side. I’m pretty sure that she can roll onto the other side too, but I don’t have it on film.


One Response to “Odds N Ends”

  1. Stephenie Says:

    I know how you feel, Lucas has been having hell days lately with not napping, and then I read in the No Cry Solution book that a nap that is less than an hour doesn’t really do much, and can even make them MORE frustrated, and that Lucas should be getting 15 hours of sleep in 24 hour cycle – as IF. If you want to depress yourself, count how many hours A sleeps, it is prob less than you think! Well, at least with Lucas it is….I have already been in tears today, he had one of those screaming sessions where you think they are going to choke or vomit!Hang in there, and I will to. Let’s switch babies for a week, kay? Maybe we will solve each others problems. ha

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