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Sleep, Baby, Sleep January 17, 2008

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So the past few days have been a bit rough. The kid won’t sleep!

Our relationship with sleep was sort of precarious from the start, but the co-sleeping helped at first. More recently I’ve found that I am awake in the night, anxious about if the pillows are too close to her nose and where the blankets are, when all the rest of the family is in dreamland. Aili still has occasional gas issues (although it is definitely improving!) and does a whole lot of arm swinging, resulting in me getting punched a lot. We’re back to swaddling to try to contain those wild things, but then she entertains herself by plotting her escape.
To add to this nighttime frustration, she’s decided that she no longer wishes to nap. She may grab 20 minutes here and there, but not a real, substantial, delicious nap like she needs. (And I need!!!) As a result, she’s fussy, hard to calm, and so overtired that she’s wired and looks like she’s on uppers. I’ve tried to create a calm nap-promoting environment and let her sleep on me after nursing (all the things you’re NOT supposed to do) just so that she can sleep a little, but she still wakes herself up.
Johnny and I have decided to get a sleep consultant to help us out. Partly for the napping thing, but more to help facilitate the transition to the crib. If we work in conjunction with someone who knows something about making babies sleep, there’s less likelihood we’ll cause damage (crib = terror?) that has to be undone later.

In the meantime, she loves dancing and still smiles a lot. Those smiles keep a tired mommy going!

Today was a milestone: I was smiling at her and kissing her, and she gave me a biiiig grin and said, and I quote: ‘Ha.’ Now, it wasn’t QUITE a laugh, but it was the right sound with the right face. We just need to get some enthusiasm behind it!

Another happy thing (for me, anyway): I can once again wear my wedding rings. Hooray! They are a tad snug, but not like before, when my finger turned blue after 25 seconds of wearing them. I know it’s a silly and superficial thing, but I’ve been missing them since I took them off last July. I’m so proud to wear these rings, a symbol of being married to my marvelous man.

Auntie Alexa has the magic touch:

Cuddles with Daddy!

Precious catnap.

I can’t take my eyes off Daddy! Maybe someday I’ll have cheekbones like that too.

Daddy, your cycling clothes smell baaaaaaaad.

But I still love you!


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