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Where Did Two Months Go? January 19, 2008

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I can’t believe she’s two months old already. I swear, that was the fastest 2 months of my life! Probably because much of it was spent in a sleepy, dark haze of long nights and trying to remember which breast I used last. I had every good intention to get her weighed today, but missed out on that. I suspect, however, that she’s about 12 1/2 pounds or so.

Last night was fantastic. Our friends lent us an ‘Arms’ Reach Co-Sleeper’, which is essentially a playpen with three sides. The open side is against your bed, and the baby’s mattress is the raised to the same level as your bed. Voila! Baby has her own bed! But although she can see, smell, and touch you, she’s not in YOUR bed.
I thought Aili would freak out, but apparently I had been putting on airs about her needing to be near me. She didn’t seem to miss me at all. Maybe MY presence has been bothering her sleep as much as hers has been bothering mine! Anyway, although she does wake up for a snack every four hours or so, she goes right back to sleep afterwards (I put her down awake, no sucker, no rocking, all I need to do is stroke her head or forehead. Miracle of miracles!) I slept great, and we both started out today in a great mood. Heaven!

It was also a good day because my friend Lise-Anne and her baby Lucy came over to visit. It seems just yesterday we were comparing notes about our pregnancies, and now we’re bouncing our babies to sleep together!

Look at the difference 2 1/2 months makes: Lucy is bigger, but she’s also much stronger (can sit upright; Aili was flopping all over the place) and more interactive. Aili was fussy for the big picture of the two of them together, but Lucy’s a pro. She knows what to do!
It will be so fun to watch them grow up together!

I hate it when my eyes get stuck crossed too.
(Apparently this is quite normal for the little guys.)

In times like this, when you see two of everything because you can’t uncross your eyes, it’s best to suck on your arm.


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