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Home Again, Home Again January 26, 2008

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We had a great time on Aili’s first trip, first visit to the US, and first meeting with her cousin Sophie! Oh, and there was also a little shopping involved. What’s a trip to the US without a little visit to Target??

Sophie is almost exactly 6 months older, and it’s fun to see the path that we’ll be going down soon. She’s crawling, and enjoying all sorts of baby food, cooing and talking (baby talk, that is) and getting into everything. She’s not a baby anymore; it really feels like she’s a KID. It’s going to be so fun when Aili is engaged and interactive like that too, but it reminds me to appreciate her as she is now, because it only lasts for such a a short time.
We really hope that our girls will grow up knowing each other well, and be close friends.

The Muffin and I are both really exhausted from the trip today (although it was as uneventful as the drive down) so we’re looking forward to a quiet evening and hopefully, a good sleep.

Thank you to Jodi, Jim, and Sophie for hosting us!

Check out the big girl sitting up in the Bumbo for the first time:

She really likes sitting up and looking around!

For a little while, anyway….

Sophie dressed in full-body armour in anticipation of lunch.

I love Auntie Jodi!

Mommy, I’m sleeeepy.

Matt is concerned that this second baby is here to stay… Isn’t one enough???

In the Baby Bjorn. Top view.

Sophie examining what’s making all that racket…

And Leo realizes that babies can be mobile too…

I love sitting up and looking around!

The boys going for a chilly morning walk.

Little Ms. Blue Eyes is ready to stroll!

Little Ms. Brown Eyes is not so sure…

I’m so glad to see that they still fall asleep in wacky positions when they’re 8 months old!

Well, cuz, it’s been nice getting to know you.

Man, we had a great time! Laughed a lot. Remember the time I had the puke come out of my nose and you had mashed carrots behind your ears?

Here, let me show you how to sit up.

No, no, you really have to lean a lot more to the left….

Love you cuz. Let’s hope we get to drool on each other again soon!

Whew! What a trip. TIRED OUT and napping in the swing – one foot in, one foot out.


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