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Snow Day January 30, 2008

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After another huge dump of snow last night, we are truly blanketed in almost 2 feet of the white stuff. All of the Lower Mainland got snow, but as usual, our little street seems to have been specially favoured by the snow gods. I’m pleased to report that the new car handles 2 feet of snow like it’s not even there. Good thing for the AWD and higher clearance! And even better that it’s not a minivan; I’d never get anywhere!

Because it was a snowy day, I thought it was time to try out a new turtleneck onesie. But upon reflection: who designs (or buys) a turtleneck for people who don’t have necks? I mean, technically she’s got one, but it’s pretty well buried in all her chin rolls. If you dig through and find it, it’s actually weird looking, because it seems too delicate to hold up her head.
Ultimately, the entire neck part of the turtleneck disappeared between chins #2 and 3, and it didn’t look like she was wearing a turtleneck at all! But as you can see, she wasn’t really bothered by it…

First time wearing jeans. I know they’re a bit big, but I’m not fond of those stretchy jersey pants that they make for babies. Turns out that she’s a perfect fit for Carter’s size 3-month onesies, but still needs newborn size pants. Why, you ask? Those Japanese genes: lots of Nihon-jin have short legs.

Yesterday we saw the doctor for a 2-month checkup, and we’re doing a-ok. Aili is almost 12.5 pounds, around 87th percentile for weight. She’s grown about 5cm taller since she was born too. Unfortunately the doctor says that her big mole has to go, so we’ll be seeing a dermatologist in the coming weeks.
Developmentally, she’s right on track and it’s fun to watch her achieve each next milestone. In the past few days she has discovered her hands and can’t take her eyes off of them. She’s starting to unfurl her little fists and her hands are often open now. She sucks her fists all the time, and is oh soooo close to figuring out how to suck on her fingers. When she’s not staring at or sucking on her hands, she’s blowing bubbles. While it’s a developmental milestone, it’s also quite messy. Yuck!
There are lots of smiles coming our way, and I think the beginning of a quirky little laugh is starting too. We can’t wait to hear the ‘squeals of delight’!
Nighttimes are becoming better: two nights out of the last three we’ve had at least 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Hooray! The first time I panicked and woke her up, because she’d slept so long I was sure something must be wrong. Silly mommy. I learned my lesson from that, and now I let a sleeping baby sleep!

Sitting (propped) up on the sofa:

We went to the doggy store to get Leo a bone, and the resident cat decided to escape by becoming a stowaway.


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