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You Big (Little) Flirt February 1, 2008

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Now that she’s got the smile all figured out, Aili has started using her charms to flirt. She’ll look you in the eye and then smile and avert her eyes. Or she’ll smile, turn her head away, and peek at you out of the corner of her eyes. If you catch her doing it, she’ll smile even bigger, and look away, as though she’s being modest.
(Modest she’s not. I say this based on the sheer enthusiasm, quantity, and volume of the ‘wind’ I witnessed yesterday during ‘naked time’.)

Now that she’s flirting, no one is safe. She flirted with Leo yesterday – zero response on his part – with the butterflies on the mobile in the crib, and at the lamp in the living room. After a late-night feeding, she’ll flirt with me, as though saying ‘I don’t really HAVE to go back to bed, do I, Mommy?’ And when I feed her in the morning, I have to put a receiving blanket over her face because she’s so distracted with carrying on an intense love affair with the light fixture on the ceiling. She’ll stare at it for hours, and flirt and laugh and tell it baby secrets (“ne ahhhh ow oh la”). To date, her affections have not been reciprocated.

The only thing she DOESN’T flirt with is the camera. (Perhaps because she sees it so often, the mystery is gone?) She looks right at it, and I can’t capture her flirting antics in action.

I CAN, however, capture naked time. And as with other photo series, if these aren’t enough for you, I have about 200 more. Thank G-d for the digital age.

“Look! I have fists!!”

“Wow, I also have fat rolls on my forearms.”

“I have a white milky tongue…”

“… and my head appears to be too large for my body.”

But I’m still pretty darn cute!

Huh. There you have it. They really DO like mobiles.


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