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Leo ‘n’ Me February 3, 2008

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I still don’t think that Aili and Leo have any idea what the other are. She generally ignores him, and for the most part, I think he’s pretty unaware that she exists. But we thought we ought to get them acquainted early; we figure they’re going to be great friends in the future.

“Are you my new tummy time play mat?”

Great minds think alike…

“Hey, I kind of like cuddling with you! When you lie still, that is…”

My friend Diana came to visit us from the Island. We used to live on the same teeny island in Japan, and I would often coo to her about how CUTE Japanese babies are… and here we are, nine years later, and I’ve got one!

Everywhere else seems to be completely without snow by now … except for good old Grover Ave.


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