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The Days Go By February 7, 2008

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Not much new going on around here. Aili’s great, but I cannot shake this cold. Probably has something to do with not getting enough sleep….
I also seem to be having some weirdness with my knees, which apparently has something to do with the angles of your hips being all off after baby comes out and your body tries to put itself back together again.

Aili’s had a couple rough nights of sleep lately – as bad as anything from the teeny teeny days. But last night we were rewarded with two 5-hour chunks, which was quite lovely. We’re also being rewarded lately with a peculiar gaspy inhaling sort of laugh, which is weird and unpredictable, and the occasional shriek of delight. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out what’s so delightful, because I can almost never determine what she’s so thrilled about. Can she be seeing ghosts? Funny ones?

The other enjoyable thing recently is having conversations with her. She’ll produce some syllables (“ha eh ma ge ohhh”) and then I get to have a turn (“mi ha ha ma ne la”) and she’ll respond back. Our conversations can actually go on for several minutes, and she takes them really quite seriously. Sometimes I’ll accidentally say something so hilarious I’m rewarded with a laugh, and other times I can actually make her cry. I should learn to be more careful about what I say.

Well, first, here’s something I got a chuckle out of.
There are two things missing in the picture below. Can you find them?

(1) Johnny’s Consciousness.
(2) The Baby.

I guess he didn’t really babysit much as a kid, and hence isn’t familiar with some of the basic principles of baby-minding (such as *watching the baby*). That’s the only way I can explain it.

The Bumbo lets you sit up like a big girl!

Until you start to list to the left….

… she’s going over folks…

Someone needs some Pilates boot camp to firm up those core muscles.
(How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black?)

Developmental milestone from yesterday: grabbing something with her hands. And then putting it in her mouth.

How does someone who doesn’t even know that they have feet remove their own socks???

The swirl. (In this picture, her head is facing to the left.)
You can see the little patch of gold hair that grows on top of her head (to the left of the swirl). The skin underneath it is discoloured too, so I think she’ll have that funny little patch forever.


One Response to “The Days Go By”

  1. Stephenie Says:

    I think the streak in her hair will look cool – think of all the money she will save on highlighting!

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