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Sleep Training I February 10, 2008

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Yesterday the sleep consultant came over. Lots of people have been asking me how it went, and want updates about what we’re supposed to do and how difficult (or easy) it is. Well, we’ve been through one night and half a day, and here’s the summary: we’re all EXHAUSTED.

That was to be expected, though! I’ve heard there are a few rough nights, but it’s totally worth it. So far, the first part is coming true… I have every confidence in the second part happening too. I am feeing enormously excited about the next few days.

Right now we’re working on teaching the kid to go to sleep on her own.
Last night I sat beside the crib, soothing her when if she cried (without picking her up), until she fell asleep; tonight one of us goes in for periods of time to soothe her as she lets her frustrations known. This applies to naptimes too. For the next few days the amount of time we visit with her shortens and the amount of time we’re out of the room lengthens. That way, presumably, she knows that we’re still around, but she learns to soothe herself and fall asleep without either of us in the room.

The last 18 hours have been … intense. Three times she’s fallen asleep easily, without a peep. Twice she took over an hour and a half of either screaming or sucking on her arm; the other times were something in between. She frequently wakes herself up for no reason and the process begins again.
She’s asleep now, and it’s amazing to me that she got that way with no rocking, no bouncing, no sling, no sucker, no walking, no swaying, no swaddling, no nursing, no bedside light on, and no careful transition of an already sleeping baby. Can it be true? Can it ever become our norm? Dare I hope?

After she’s got that part figured out, the sleep consultant, Dawnn, provides us with daily instructions on lengthening the period of time between nighttime feedings and ultimately removing them altogether. Each morning I’ll provide her with details of the night before, and she’ll give me instructions, guidance, and tips on what to do the next night.

I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I feel so wildly free, I may go and fold the laundry.

Ahhhh, the gold old days…. napping in the sling. We won’t be seeing any more of this! HALLELUJAH!

(Note the giant drool spot on my sweater. Ahhhh motherhood. If it’s not drool, it’s pee, and if it’s not pee, it’s puke.)

Those long long eyelashes. Sometimes I’m amazed that the sheer weight of them doesn’t prevent her from actually opening her eyes.


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