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Sleep Training III February 12, 2008

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Third night of sleep training.

Part of the training that’s going on is training ME! The previous two nights I was up pretty well all night, waiting for her to wake up and assuming there was going to be crying any minute. Last night, however, I SLEPT. (I am also becoming cooler about the silence. She’s not dead, she’s sleeping. That’s why it’s quiet. I am no longer checking to see if she’s breathing every half hour.) She did wake me three times; once for a feeding around 3 and two night wakings.
The night wakings seem to happen at the end of one of her sleep cycles (baby sleep cycles are about 45 minutes) and she wakes up and would like some company. So she calls for me for a few minutes and then gives up and go back to sleep. It’s not crying, and its not upset or angry or panicked, it’s just “Hey, mommy, are you out there? I want to hang out.” I don’t respond (because I’m sleeping) and she goes back to sleep.
If, during the night wakings, she was to actually cry, I’m supposed to let her go for a fairly long time (last night it was 30 minutes; tonight it’s 45) before going in to soothe her.

As we’ve been warned, the napping is actually more difficult than the night. She wakes up frequently, and cries more. Apparently it can take some time to establish the napping habit.

It’s interesting how quickly she learns. Up to now (ie. going to bed with me at 11), we’ve had a particular bedtime routine, and we’ve just created a new one (bath, eat, book, song, bed). She has started wearing a sleep sac to bed too. And wouldn’t you know it, after only one day she figured out that the sleep sac means that the crib is in her future and started fussing when I put her in it. And last night, she got a little agitated when the song was playing. The sleep consultant said that happens often, and sometimes they’ll even work backwards until they get agitated in the bath, in anticipation of what’s going to happen several steps ahead! Apparently this anxiety happens for a week or two, and then they get over it.
I just think it’s pretty cool that someone who can’t even consistently find her own hands can work backwards in her mind like that.

And with that, I’m off for a nap.

What heaven looks like to a tired Mommy:


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