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The Hypocrite February 14, 2008

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Before I became a parent, I didn’t know anything about raising children. In fact, I was – and still am – scared of them. Ok, well, at least uncomfortable around them. I’m not afraid to admit it. But still, I had all these plans for how *I* would be a parent, and how other people *ought* to parent their kids.

HAVING a child has really changed things, however. A lot of the plans I made beforehand went right out the window, and things I swore I would never do have been done (co-sleeping is a good example). I’m sure that we do things that other people shake their heads about too (again, co-sleeping is a good example). But I now have a new perspective: sometimes we new parents find ourselves in situations we never thought we’d be in, or that our parenting isn’t turning out to be exactly how we imagined it would. I have a new appreciation for just HOW difficult this job is, and more flexibility in my mind about how other parents raise their kids.

That being said, in Mommy Group today I saw things that made me raise an eyebrow. We were given pamphlets printed on dark blue paper: one little guy was EATING the pamphlet. There were entire pieces missing! The mommy didn’t seem too concerned about that. I try to be a relaxed parent and not freak out about inconsequential things, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t knowingly let my kid eat paper. Or at least paper that is so intensely, artificially blue.
Another mommy had her little boy’s ear pierced. The kid is only about four months old! It struck me as …. well, the word that comes to mind is ‘inappropriate’. Your child is not an accessory! But I digress.

So there you have it; I’ve completely contradicted myself in two short paragraphs. Hypocrite, indeed.

Last night was pretty good in the sleep department, although not as good as the previous nights. We were promised some regression on night 4, and lo, there was regression. She woke a bit early for her night feeding and I had to let her cry till it was time. But we both slept in till 8, which we weren’t supposed to do. Ooops! But man, it felt good.

Is she plotting something? Probably.

Tummy time.


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