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Chit Chat February 15, 2008

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The nights are going well. Aili goes to bed at 6.30, wakes up for a snack around 11 and 3.30, and then I have to actually wake her up at 7.30. Imagine that! We haven’t had any night wakings recently, and she doesn’t cry at all (except to wake me up for the 3.30 snack). We are still stunned by how fast this has all happened! And needless to say, I am sleeping much better, and feeling better because of it. Johnny has even returned from his exile to the guest room, and our family is starting to feel all together again.
Napping is still a bit sketchy. She goes down easily and sleeps great for 45 minutes, but struggles to get back to sleep for the second half of her nap. There is some crying involved. I’d like to move her away from the 45-minute catnaps to have 1-1/2 hour solid naps (ie. 2 sleep cycles). Why, you ask? Apparently it’s best for the future if she learns that 45 minutes is not a satisfactory nap; she needs to be able to string sleep cycles together. I’ve mentioned before that it can be tough to establish napping, especially when she’s less than four months, so we’ll keep working on it.

Next month Aili will be going on her first plane ride! She and I (and my sister J) are going to spend a week with my dad, catching some rays in sunny Phoenix. I’m super excited about our little holiday, although I do feel concerned that Aili will turn out to be that annoying crying baby on the plane that everyone hates!

She’s getting to be quite chatty. Her current vocabulary includes quite a range of vowel sounds and she’s even starting to add some consonants. (I guess when you’re almost 3 months old, consonants are a challenge.) Her favourite is ‘Heyyyyyyyy’ – – usually when I say it, she’ll say it back! For me, hours of amusement. For her, she probably thinks her mommy is crazy.

My sister is coming to visit next week – that’s what I’m referring to in this video clip.

This isn’t the best picture because she’s not facing the camera, but I get a kick out of it because she’s just SO SMALL.

Little smile.

The cat and I have come to a reconciliation. Now that the baby is sleeping in her own room, I am free to cuddle the cat again, and she’s no longer in such a pissy mood.


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