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The Snob February 17, 2008

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Before Aili was born I went on a pregnant-lady craze to get ready for her arrival (some of you may remember this); I actually went so far as to SEW things. Anyway, one of the things that I heard was a ‘must have’ item was a baby carrier, so I picked up a Snugli off Craigslist for $15. It was barely used, and in great shape. What a score! Right? Well….
Aili didn’t think so. Every time I put her in it, she’d scream like she was being tortured. This is a child who doesn’t cry about much, with the exception of napping. I tightened and loosened and reshuffled and tried everything I could to make it more comfortable. ‘Hm,’ I think. ‘She must just hate being carried like that.’ Until we borrowed a Baby Bjorn (a very similar but ‘trendier’ and thus more expensive version). And guess what? Happy as a clam. My baby is a snob. This obvious preference for brand names offends me to my very core.

But we did want a baby carrier as an alternative to the stroller (which is nice to drive but really does take up a lot of space on a sidewalk) – so we tried a bunch of various carriers on to see what suited us all the best, and as of yesterday, are proud (and substantially poorer) owners of the world’s most expensive and high tech baby carrier: the Baby Bjorn Synergy. It even SOUNDS expensive. (Insert eyeroll here.) Aili, of course, is quite delighted to have gotten her way.

The Synergy has some sort of fancy lumbar support weight-distribution system, and is made of strong but soft breathable mesh so neither you nor the baby cook in the summertime. (Until the Synergy, the Bjorn was made of heavy canvas with a padded support for baby, which apparently gets very hot very quickly.) So there you have it. This thing is expected to see LOTS of use for all the 41 children Johnny would like to have. (Or both of the TWO children I intend to actually produce.)

So without further ado: The Synergy.
I hope you can’t read the price tag; it’s embarrassing. Good thing we had a credit at TJ’s!

All strapped in and ready for a W-A-L-K. (You have to spell it or the dog goes out of his mind with anticipation.)

Check out that lumbar support. Or that fine back end. Your choice.

Inaugural walk! (Actually, that’s false; I walked her to Safeway yesterday.)

… And off they go.


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