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Quarterly Report: First Quarter February 18, 2008

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First quarter growth has been unprecedented. Net growth has been over five pounds, an increase of 63%. This is primarily due to a voracious appetite and a diet comprised exclusively of extremely fattening breastmilk. “I am extremely pleased with the results we have seen to date,” said Angie Oshika, Mommy and Chief Executive Officer of OshikaGang Inc. “We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but are pleased to be flourishing despite our complete lack of experience.” A list of milestones and achievements is recorded below.

The Board of Directors, which includes Daddy and Chief Entertainment Officer Johnny Oshika and Leo the Wonderdog, plans to diversify in the next quarter through international travel and increased napping times.

OshikaGang Inc. is a small but dedicated firm committed to raising their children (with or without fur) with a firm yet loving hand. They are based in Coquitlam, BC and have three kids: one canine, one feline, and one human.

At three months:

Most babies should be able to . . .

· Hold up head at 45 degree angle while on stomach YUP

· Hold head steady when upright YUP

· Laugh and smile YUP

· Recognize your face YUP

· Open and shut hands YUP

· Kick legs YUP

Some babies will probably be able to . . .

· Recognize your voice YUP

· Hold up head at 90 degree angle while on stomach YUP

· Bring both hands together YUP

· Squeal and coo in delight YUP

· Do small mini pushups YUP

Some babies could possibly be able to . . .

· Bear weight on both legs YUP

· Bat at toys YUP

· Reach for toys and objects STARTING

· Roll over NOT YET

· Turn to familiar voices YUP

· Make a razzing sound NOT YET

As you can see, Aili is doing great for three months! She completely sucks at calculus and her spelling is atrocious, but she can produce snot like nobody’s business. Ah well, nobody’s perfect.


Hangin’ with Mommy:

Future tomboy?

Pre-nap breakdown. It starts out well…

…. And goes downhill rapidly.

Auntie Susie came over for a cuddle and a cup of tea; now her baby clock is going berzerk.

In a great mood and ready to go play outside!

Surveying her territory.


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  1. yuri Says:

    こんにちは。In Japan, the Girl’s day is coming soon.So I sent a little present for Aili.(Sorry I didn’t put any message in that package. I bought a congratulation card, but I put somewhere around and couldn’t find it. I should have leave some note, but I forgot. ….www)

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