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Three Part Posting: Part I – Busy Day February 23, 2008

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Yesterday was a busy day!

First, we tidied the house. That meant that finally I put the Christmas decorations away (finally!!!), and brought out our Japanese ‘Hina-matsuri’ (Girls’ Day) ornaments. Japanese families set up a display of ‘hina dolls’ in the house at the end of February to bring happiness and health to their little girls. The dolls are dressed in Japanese ancient costumes and are displayed on a red carpet until Girls’ Day on March 3rd (or in my house, until Halloween).

My hina dolls:

My other doll:

Then we were off to have a reunion with Tracy, the midwife who delivered Aili. They hadn’t seen each other since Aili was 6 weeks! It was great to catch up.

After that reunion, Aili and I met up with Lise-Anne and Lucy for a lovely stroll along the West Van waterfront. We hadn’t seen them in over a month! It was a lovely afternoon. It’s also fun to talk about and see another baby that’s about the same age (Lucy is 2 1/2 months older.) You get used to looking at your own, so seeing another is so interesting! Also, it’s fun to see where we’re going to be in a few months’ time. (Lucy can suck on her feet. Aili doesn’t know she HAS feet.)

As you can see, Lucy has a much fairer complection than Aili, with wispier eyebrows (Aili has quite the Freedman monobrow going), blue eyes and hair that seems to have some red in it. As you can see, the contrast between them is striking. I keep forgetting that Aili’s colouring is darker due to her Asian genes!

Then Auntie Alexa came over for supper! After a week away in New York, it was our third reunion of the day. Apparently Aili was just tired out from all the excitement. Normally she adores her Auntie Alexa.


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