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Three Part Posting: Part II – Bedtime Routine February 23, 2008

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We’ve started to have the loveliest little bedtime routine. Apparently if you do exactly the same thing every night, they come to know what to expect, and wind down as the steps progress. We start around six or so, sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on what’s going on that day.

First, there’s a bath. Little Miss Wild Thing has discovered the fun of splashing. Uh oh. Now I bathe her while wearing my ‘Will Cook For Shoes’ apron.

After the bath I carefully try to dry out all the fat folds, or she gets skin irritation. When you’ve got that many folds, it can take some time to get to all of them, especially those tricky ones under the neck! Then it’s pjs and sleep sac time. The sleep sac gets her agitated, because she knows what’s coming. Clever little thing.
She forgets the fussing when she has her midnight snack. Appetite has never been a problem, and eating supercedes everything (except the vaccinations)!

After the snack, it’s time for a story. I didn’t think she’d really be into this quite yet, but I read to her every night regardless. I figured that she could look around the room or stare at her hands the whole time if she wanted, but eventually she’d take to it. She IS a Freedman, after all, and what Freedman isn’t a voracious reader? In fact, I was delighted when she became very interested right away: she looks at the pictures with great seriousness, and seems quite engaged in it. A future reader, I hope!

After our story, we turn off the lights and end the day with a prayer/dance/cuddle. How can this be, you ask? Well, Raffi has the most lovely little song of gratitude. It’s a quiet and slow little song, and I hold her close and cuddle her as we dance. Someday she may even understand the words, and someday, long beyond that, she may recognize how enormous and grand this simple little song really is.

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the sun in the sky
Thanks a lot
Thanks for the clouds so high

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the whispering wind
Thanks a lot
Thanks for the birds in the spring

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the moonlit night
Thanks a lot
Thanks for the stars so bright

Thanks a lot
Thanks for wonder in me
Thanks a lot
Thanks for the way that I feel

Thanks for the animals
Thanks for the land
Thanks for the people everywhere
Thanks a lot
Thanks for all I’ve got
Thanks for all I’ve got

Every night I put her to bed, and I kiss her and tell her ‘Your Mommy and Daddy love you so very very much’ and I walk out of her room, feeling oh so thankful for all that I’ve got.


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