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Three Part Posting: Part III – Hooray for Auntie J! February 23, 2008

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Today Auntie J came to stay! She hasn’t seen Aili since Christmastime, so it was fun to catch up on all the new developments!

Brunch at the White Spot:

Correction: J and I ate brunch. Aili ate her hands.

“This is a baby.”

They must be related:

It might just be that Aili has had ENOUGH of having her picture taken.

What with all that hand sucking going on, J was able to witness another developmental milestone: Aili finally figured out that she has fingers. She has started sucking on individual fingers instead of her whole fist, and even managed to put a couple of them in her nose. As a parent I don’t know if I should be proud of this accomplishment or not!


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