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Happy Weekend February 25, 2008

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Auntie J brought the sunshine, and a great weekend to boot.

I took noooo pictures at all on Saturday. And do you know why? Because I left my camera – and the baby – at home while J and I went SHOPPING in the US! Freedom! It was heaven. Of course the only one who got anything out of the big spree was Aili, but it was still fun to get outta town. I have got to do that more often!
(Don’t worry, Johnny took pictures…)

On Sunday J and I hung out with Little Ms. Muffin while Johnny went snowshoeing in the sunshine. Of course we watched the Oscars, critiqued the dresses, and ate junk food.

Does a weekend ever get better than this?

Story time with Auntie J:

Aili regards her new neighbour – and future best friend – Baby Zoey, only 7 weeks younger.

Why do all babies sleep in this position??

Some of Johnny’s snoeshowing shots.
Check out that giant tongue… it looks bigger than his head!! I just can’t figure out how he manages to pack it all away and actually close his mouth.

What a beautiful place we live in. How lucky we are.

Mr. Handsome.

Not to be outdone, here is Ms. Fat Cat bird-hunting. Sort of.

Let’s get a close up of that girth:


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