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Pics by Pros February 26, 2008

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A couple weeks back we got some professional photos taken of Aili. We went to Bopomo on West Broadway. They have some really nice work and are reasonably priced. They also have a great branding scheme, if you’re into that sort of thing.
There are designated child-amusers to make them smile while the photographers do their work, and they try lots of different settings. After the shoot, the pictures are all downloaded and you can sort through them right then and there on big lovely iMacs. It’s HARD to choose the ones you want, and VERY tempting to just buy them all!
Finally we whittled down our options to only three; it took considerable restraint! But we figure we have limited wall space, and there will be lots of opportunities for more great shots in the future.

So without further ado: pics by pros.


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