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A Short Hiatus March 28, 2008

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Well, I’m sitting back with a cold drink and my sunglasses under a palm tree. Well, ok, not technically right at this very minute…. but Aili and I are now in sunny Phoenix enjoying a lovely sunny vacation! Today was the first time she’s had her arms and legs exposed (other than at bathtime) when she was wearing a cute little sundress. It was also the first time she’s been in hot weather and experienced the warmth of the sun.

She was wonderful on the plane – to my ENORMOUS relief – and after a bit of a tough afternoon, fell asleep without a whimper at the usual time in a foreign bed in a foreign room. I’m hoping the successes we’ve had of the past few weeks continue; we’re sharing a room so I can’t sleep through her 5am wake-up calls!

On tap for tomorrow: inauguration of the pink tu-tu bathing suit at our first swimming pool extravaganza. Also, Aili will meet my aunts and uncles for the first time!

Unfortunately I have little access to post pictures, and probably won’t post again until we get back to Vancouver next week. Until then….


Goodbye Long Weekend March 24, 2008

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Sigh… the long weekend draws to a close.

All buckled up and ready to go…. Home Depot, here we come!

This is the facial expression that accompanies the raspberry. Too bad you can’t hear the sound effects.

Proud papa.

Mr. Intensity:

Aili is becoming a delightful sleeper. Thanks be to our sleep consultant Dawnn!

Tiny hand:

Sweet sleeper…

And with that, it’s time for bed….


Fun Times + Updates March 23, 2008

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Weekends are especially good because the whole family spends time together.

Playing with Daddy!

How lucky am I? Surrounded by beautiful people…

Daddy reads the bedtime story. (Check out her expression: you’d think she’d never seen ‘Goodnight Moon’ before! We have read it every single night for the past month.)
Also check out the hairdo (‘The Horns’): this is how it naturally wants to stand up after a bath.

Aili got a new toy. She’s getting better at grabbing things, but these rings are light, easy to grab, and safe to chew on! (Hooray for dishwasher-safe baby toys.)

Then again, why go out and buy specially formulated brightly coloured dishwasher safe award winning baby toys when you can have just as much (more?) fun with a piece of paper towel???

A few other updates:
I mentioned Aili’s unusual height in a previous post. I had, in fact, measured wrong. She is not 26 inches tall, as I previously reported, but rather 24.5 inches, which places her right at a respectable 75th percentile. She was also just a shade under 15 lbs when I re-weighed her, which places her in the 81st percentile for weight.

The raspberry has become a new obsession. Not the fruit, the lip-noise. She’s spent the last few days making serious attempts to produce one (it sounds sort of like her lips tripped over each other) but in the past day or so is really starting to get the hang of it. Now the raspberry is part of her everyday vernacular, sort of like the ‘click’ in the !Kung language (which is really cool to listen to, if you ever have the opportunity). She coos to herself with the raspberry interspersed among the sounds. She cries and will stop to insert a little raspberry now and again. She does it when she’s tired, happy, bored, or chatty. It is a greeting, a punctuation mark, and a source of entertainment. Unfortunately, it comes with a lot of drool – and some occasional foaming at the mouth – resulting in a general overall sogginess.

My own recent obsession, SIDS, is starting to fade. I decided NOT to get the Hepatitis B vaccine for her the other day and feel enormously relieved at this decision. I know, I know, I’m being a paranoid mommy, but there ARE correlations between the two! We did get the other recommended innoculations, but I figure she’s not going to be having unprotected sex anytime soon so she can catch up on her Hep B shots later. I’ve just started to really like that kid, you know, and would kind of like her to stick around.


Full Scale Retreat March 22, 2008

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We had such a lovely day today; it’s so nice to have Johnny home to participate in the activities of the day! Weekends – especially long ones – are the best. Today we went to MEC and took the dog for a wonderful walk in the sun. After such a nice afternoon, we thought a little sushi dinner would be a perfect end to a great day.

Unfortunately, we neglected to consider a number of factors:
– It was Aili’s bedtime.
– Aili had missed not one, but BOTH of her afternoon naps.
– She hadn’t eaten in four hours.
– She had an extremely wet diaper.
– She got a bit chilled on our walk (and when I say ‘a bit’, I mean her feet were blue. Poor Muffin.)
– She got her four-month shots yesterday, which have crabbiness and irritability as side effects.

My oh my, crabbiness indeed!
She waited right until our meals had been delivered to the table, and then had a full-scale blowout, complete with pout and red-faced rage (see ‘Four Months’ posting below for illustrations). There was also some volume involved, which no doubt made ours the least-popular table in the whole place.

Johnny and I are pretty concerned about her bothering other people in decent restaurants. (If it was McDonalds we wouldn’t have cared, but then, if it was McDonalds we wouldn’t have been in there in the first place.) I grabbed her up and dashed out of the restaurant in my t-shirt, and Johnny got our food to go and hauled the car seat, diaper bag, dinner, and all the other miscellaneous gear that comes with a baby. Abort! Abort! And that was the end of that.

Upon reflection, we’re not afraid to try again, but we do agree that we need to consider all the factors more carefully in the future! In the meantime, take out sushi never seems to taste quite as good.


I know you’re not going to believe this, but I didn’t take any pictures today. “WHAT??”, you say? Yes, it’s true: sometimes I don’t document every moment of her life. (Actually, I just forgot the camera at home.)
So you’ll have to make due with one from the archives.


She Laughs March 19, 2008

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Need I say more?


Four Months! March 18, 2008

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Where has four months gone? Upon reflection, the discomforts of pregnancy, the pain of labour, and the exhaustion of those first weeks has faded in my mind… Aili is turning out to be a very happy and very easy baby. Mother Nature is crafty indeed.

I weighed Aili the other day, and she’s coming in at 14.5 lbs, up a pound and a half since last month and about 75th percentile for weight. She’s also 26 inches long (tall?) – – which is 95th percentile for height! How could WE have produced a tall child? I must have measured wrong.

Last weekend she rolled from her tummy to her back twice, she’s making every effort to blow raspberries (which usually looks something like pursed lips with spit bubbles while saying ‘boooo’) – – and best of all, is now making it through the night from 11pm to 7.30am without a feed! Happy Birthday indeed! Happier for Mommy and Daddy, no doubt. Now WE need sleep training, to stop waking up at 5!

I am starting to feel that I’m coming out of a new mommy haze. I painted my toenails for the first time since October and got my hair done (twice). I don’t feel like such a frumpy mommy anymore. I did try on my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day. Technically, they did up, but there is a new ‘pouch’ impeding the waistband that wasn’t there in the past! And in the words of Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”.

Teary eyes: Intended to evoke sympathy.

Pout: Intended to induce guilt.

Red-faced rage: Intended to express frustration.

With Obaachan: the gals in purple!

This is what happens when mommies get behind on their fingernail-cutting duties. Let it be a warning to you all.

Strollin’ with Daddy! Check out those thumbless mittens!





Playdate with Lucas March 14, 2008

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Today we journeyed to Kits to visit with Lucas. As you may remember, Lucas is 4 weeks older than Aili. Until recently, however, she had him beat in the chub department. But now, as you’ll soon see, Lucas is pulling into the lead…

Before we get to that, however, you must see a photograph of the world’s worst bedhead. I apologize for the poor focus of the camera. It was confused by all that chaos.

The only thing worse than this hairdo is the fact that I don’t bother to do anything with it except on those days that we go out in public.

When cute is not so cute anymore.

Another first! I arrived at our destination only to discover that Aili has learned how to suck her thumb.

I haven’t seen Toshimi in years. She’s been a mentor for Johnny, myself, and many many people who have been lost when returning from teaching in Japan.


They sized each other up.

He checked her out when he thought she wasn’t looking…

… and she took a surreptitious glance or two of her own.

He gave her a little scalp massage (or was he trying to smooth down that bedhead?)…

… they gazed deep into each others’ eyes ….

… and she tried to take his clothes off. Way to make a mommy proud.

Summary: a success! A great time was had by all.