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Bad Mommy… Again March 4, 2008

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Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for so long… the days are flying by! Especially the weekends. Johnny gets home after Aili goes to bed during the week, so we really try to spend time together as a family on Saturday and Sunday.

Walking the seawall in the sunshine:


On Sunday Johnny and I went to see the documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’. Here’s the trailer on Youtube, and I hope that if you’re ever thinking of having a baby, you’ll consider all of your delivery options. The statistics about midwifery care versus traditional hospital birth are stunning.

If you have any interest in viewing this film (and I highly recommend you do!), there will be a FREE screening in North Vancouver on March 14th. You can learn more about this at

So, back to the kiddo:

“My mommy dresses me funny. AND I have killer bedhead.”

“But I’m still ever so cute!”

Teething has begun. There is drool *everywhere*, as well as a compulsion to chew on anything and everything she can get into her mouth. It helps out that she’s just recently learned to grasp things with her hands.

Despite recently figuring out those fingers, things do sometimes slip out of reach….

Fun in the Bumbo!

First ever bubble bath!


Aili FINALLY fits into the bunny jacket I bought her last SEPTEMBER in Tacoma! It’s still a bit big, and waaay too fancy for our little trip to buy diapers, but it’s still fun to play dress-up.

Ho hum. It looks like a photo of a kid in a car seat…. until you notice that she has somehow managed to remove one of her shoes from UNDER the blanket. Huh?

“Hey! Where did my sock go?”

Mommy makes me have funny faces.

Last but not least, I got to go out for dessert last night with friends, just like back in the non-Mommy days. It was so nice to get out of the house. Thank you, Alexa and Andy, for a wonderful evening…


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