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Amuse Me, Mommy! March 7, 2008

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Aili is getting to the point where everyday life has become mundane and no longer holds the fascination for her that it once did. She no longer wants to stare at the ceiling for hours, her love affair with light fixtures has long since moved on, and even old faithful (staring at her hands) is passe. Now, she wants to be *amused*.

For a while we have fun together, but I am pretty well at the bottom of the barrel for silly faces and funny noises. We read stories, play on the playmat, look at the dog, look out the window, look at our hands a little, practice sitting up and rolling over, spend some time in the swing, look at our hands some more, sit in the bumbo, have some tummy time and/or some naked time, practice grabbing things, admire our hands just a little more and then… the boredom cry.

Today I invested in a Jumperoo. Now, this is quite the fancy device. It bounces and spins, has toys and lights and music (and really annoying monkey noises) and even jungle leaves with animals overhead. Apparently it buys lots of time for other mommies to tweeze their eyebrows and clean up dog hair and lots of other things that I don’t do anymore.

So here’s how it went down:

Perhaps she doesn’t get that she’s supposed to TOUCH the toys.

Can an 3 1/2 month old look skeptical?

Can a 3 1/2 month old look bored?

Give her a fancy jumperoo with toys and springs and lights and music, and what does she do?
She sucks on it.

And…. that’s the end of that.

Don’t worry, I’m persistent.

In the meantime, we continue to play with all the other things that provide us great amusement, like her hands:

And MY hands:

And occasionally taking a tiiiiiiny taste of the teething toy:

OK, paparazzi mommy, enough already.


One Response to “Amuse Me, Mommy!”

  1. sloane's mama Says:

    Hey Angie! Love your blog! Sloane has the exact same jumperoo (loved the comment about the monkey noises…) and it took her awhile to get into it. Now she’s all over it, and I totally use the time to pluck my eyebrows…. 🙂Hope you are well….Aili is gorgeous!loveamy

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