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Days Fly By March 11, 2008

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Another weekend has passed – – where is the time going?
So, let’s see…..

Last Friday Lise-Anne and Lucy came over to show us how this jumperoo REALLY ought to look. Lucy ‘got’ it right away as Aili stared on in stunned amazement. I don’t think her reaction was so stunned because Lucy was such a good jumper; she’s just especially interested in other babies.
She really likes her own reflection too. Usually that girl in the mirror smiles back at her!

As you can see, Lucy’s taller too, and that helps a lot with the jumping.

Still a bit unsure…

Inspired. A ray of hope for the Jumperoo?

Starting to get the hang of this thing!

“If I sing you a song, will you sing along?”

“No? Ok then, I’ll suck on your eyeball.”

Auntie Melinda is getting married! So we got all dolled up (actually Aili did, I don’t have anything nice to wear) and went to the bridal shower. I regret that I don’t have a decent picture of the bride herself.

Hangin’ with Auntie Deesh:

And Aunt Andrea:

Jackson is growing up so fast!

A rare visit to Mommy and Daddy’s bed. She hasn’t visited here in a while!


A bit hard to see, but when she smiles really big she gets cute little wrinkles across the bridge of her nose…..

Ultra close-up:

My other little girl.

Death glare + oblivious =


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