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A Short Hiatus March 28, 2008

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Well, I’m sitting back with a cold drink and my sunglasses under a palm tree. Well, ok, not technically right at this very minute…. but Aili and I are now in sunny Phoenix enjoying a lovely sunny vacation! Today was the first time she’s had her arms and legs exposed (other than at bathtime) when she was wearing a cute little sundress. It was also the first time she’s been in hot weather and experienced the warmth of the sun.

She was wonderful on the plane – to my ENORMOUS relief – and after a bit of a tough afternoon, fell asleep without a whimper at the usual time in a foreign bed in a foreign room. I’m hoping the successes we’ve had of the past few weeks continue; we’re sharing a room so I can’t sleep through her 5am wake-up calls!

On tap for tomorrow: inauguration of the pink tu-tu bathing suit at our first swimming pool extravaganza. Also, Aili will meet my aunts and uncles for the first time!

Unfortunately I have little access to post pictures, and probably won’t post again until we get back to Vancouver next week. Until then….


One Response to “A Short Hiatus”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Hey hon, why can’t you post photos? Would love to see her in her summer outfits.

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